The Genuine Food Company
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Providing Marylanders with locally sourced food that has been raised properly.
Sign up now for the Fall CSA. 
Are you interested in enjoying fresh healthy, tasty, and locally raised meat? You now have 3 options from which to choose:
  • Join our CSA.
We are now accepting enrollments for shares starting in October 2015. Sign up before the shares are sold out! Get 3 monthly installments of about 20 lbs. each of your favorite meat. Select beef, pork, chicken,  or a combination. Each share is a balance of grilling meats, roasts or braising cuts. and ground/stew meat. Choose the option that suits your taste.
  • Buy by the piece.
If you are concerned about freezer space or just want to pick up a few cuts to grill, you can purchase a limited selection of steaks and ground meats at the Green Onion and the Prigel Family Creamery.
  • Fill your freezer.
If you have the freezer space and want to buy a quarter side of beef or a half pig or lamb, contact us. We ask for a $100 deposit on each order. The cost per pound of the meat is about the same as it is for the CSA shares, but you get more and you decide how you want it cut and packaged. 
Why Genuine Food?

We formed the Genuine Food Company in response to an overwhelming demand for locally sourced, humanely raised food that you can trust. We are fully transparent. We believe you have a right to know how your food was raised and by whom. All of our meat comes from trusted, like-minded farmers in Baltimore county, mostly around the Baldwin/ Long Green Valley area. We are your neighbors and eat the food we raise. Our animals are range free, are not given growth hormones or other unnatural additive, and are raised in as stress-free an environment as possible. Beef and lamb
are free to breathe fresh air and eat grass in the summer and hay in the winter. Pigs are allowed to roam and root to their hearts' content. Hog- grower ration and abundant fresh milk are available. The pig choose, often preferring the fresh milk over the hog food. Milk gives pork a fine texture and a sweet flavor.

Your meat is not mixed with thousands of other animals. We can tell you exactly what cut came from which animal and farm.

Who are we?

Genuine Food is a collaborative effort between Winston Blick, owner of Clementine Restaurant in Hamilton; Bobby Prigel, of Prigel Family Creamery and Bellevale Organic Dairy in Glen Arm, MD. and Steve Belkoff of Forever Endeavor Farm, in 
Baldwin, MD.

We believe in raising animals with respect in a setting that is compatible with their nature.

As the renowned chef at Clementine, Winston knows the health and flavor benefits of fresh food that is raised locally and properly. His menu features our meat and other items from local farmers. Many patrons ask where they can find his great ingredients to take home and cook for their families.

As a special bonus, Winston will share tips and recipes specific to the meat contained in each CSA share. He will also provide menu suggestions for accompaniments of the main featured entrée. It is like having your own personal chef to plan your week’s worth of meals.

Below are some links to news items and food issues you may find interesting.

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