Recipe: Best Hamburger Patty

What's better than a classic style barbecue in the middle of August? Try this self-proclaimed best hamburger patty recipe from A Spicy Perspective at your next cookout. If it's raining—no problem! There's an option to make them on a stovetop griddle.

Recipe: Southwest Summer Pork Chops

Bring a bit of heat to your next summer barbecue with these southwest summer pork chops from Taste of Home. Not only are they full of flavor thanks to the use of chili and herbs, but they are also a great salt-free option!

Recipe: Brazilian Steak Kabobs

Make your next outdoor barbeque memorable with these Brazilian steak kabobs from Sweet Beginnings. Consisting of tender sirloin cubes marinated in a flavorful and tangy mix, you might want to plan on not having any leftovers. The addition of roasted vegetables helps make this a full meal on a skewer.

Recipe: Mediterranean Pork and Orzo

Take your tastebuds on a culinary vacation to the Mediterranean with this pork and orzo recipe from Taste of Home. With only a handful of ingredients needed, this dish is a great one to keep in your back pocket for a busy weeknight or relaxed weekend. If you'd like to…

Recipe: Salisbury Steak with Onion Gravy

This month's recipe from Taste of Home is one likely familiar to life-long residents of the Mid-Atlantic: Salisbury steak with egg noodles. Paired with savory brown onion gravy, the pan-fried beef patties are mouthwatering and easy to cook.

Recipe: Coffee-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Espresso-Honey Glaze

Sweet, smoky, and savory all meet in this Allrecipes coffee-rubbed pork tenderloin with an espresso-honey glaze. Don't let the ingredients list fool you. This recipe is perfect for cooks of all levels. It's also ideal for casual or special occasions alike.