Happy as a pig in slop

What sets The Genuine Food Company apart? When we say “we raise free-range meat”, we mean it. Our cattle live on pasture all year long and are frequently moved to fresh pasture. Sometimes daily, other times within a couple of days, depending on the weather and pasture productivity. In winter, when grass is scarce, we feed them hay. Our pigs have the freedom to move in and out of their shelter as they please. They even get to choose what’s for dinner! The choices are hog food and fresh milk. They also root for nuts, bugs, and plants. If you didn’t guess, they tend to go for the fresh milk. The end results are happy cattle and hogs. But you might be wondering, how does this affect me?

Let’s first start with the animal. An animal raised in a stressful environment, similar as is the case into the tight quarters and low standards of factory farms, will be both physically and mentally less fit than their free-range counterparts. An animal raised in such an environment will be more prone to injury, disease, and in the end wind up producing a lesser quality of meat, which is where you, the consumer, come into the picture.

In addition to providing the best possible life for our animals, we also aim to provide our customers with the best cuts of the tastiest meats that we can. When living in conditions that are not ideal, an animal will release stress hormones that negatively affect the quality and taste of the meat. Add in the fact that free-range meat is also raised on a natural diet, the quality and taste is superior to meat raised using other methods and approaches.

If you have any doubts about joining The Genuine Food Company Meat CSA or wish to further investigate how we raise free-range meat, we welcome you to come visit the farm. You’ll know you’ve made the right choice when you see our hogs rooting to their hearts content and cattle grazing at their leisure. And don’t worry, you’ll be feeling the same after you cook up that first steak!

Don’t be shy!

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