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When you signup for one of our Meat CSA packages, you’re doing more than just putting food on the table. You’re also showing support for local farmers, the community you live in, and farming practices that are focused on providing an ethical and humane environments for livestock. Oh, did we mention you also get to enjoy some of the best cuts of meat you can find? By putting our efforts into providing a stress-free environment for our cattle and hogs, as well as feeding them their natural diet, we’re able to provide our customers with gourmet quality meat at a price that’s hard to beat. Whether it’s at your next family gathering or a cookout with your friends, we know both your appetite and your conscious will be satisfied.

Three Great Ways To Get Gourmet Meats.

  • Join Our Meat CSA

    Sign up before our shares are sold out! Get monthly installments of your favorite meats. Select beef, pork, or a combination.

  • Buy By The Piece

    Have limited freezer space or just want to pick up a few cuts to grill? You can purchase a limited selection of steaks and ground meats at the Prigel Family Creamery.

  • Fill Your Freezer

    Want to buy a quarter side of beef or a half pig or lamb? Signup here. We ask for a deposit on each order. The cost per pound is about the same as our CSA shares, but you get more and you decide how you want it cut and packaged.

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Free Range. Ethically Raised. Natural Diet.

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Gourmet Meat With A Superior Taste.

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