Genuine Meat with Superb Taste.

Everyone loves a good burger or steak. Nothing can really replace the feeling of visiting a highly-touted restaurant, taking that first bite, and savoring the taste for years to come. You probably have a few meals you can recall off the top of your head that blew your expectations away. Most of us live under the ideology that quality gourmet meats can only be enjoyed inside the walls of a five-star restaurant. At The Genuine Food Company, we’re giving you the opportunity to enjoy that same exceptional meal from the comfort of your home.

Our Meat CSA shares feature a wide range of grilling and braising meats, as well as roasts and ground meats. Our cuts come from free-range, grass fed cattle and fresh-milk drinking hogs. The stress-free environment we raise them in creates a level of quality that can’t be beat.

We honor our animals by making sure nothing goes to waste and do our best to use every bit of the animal we can. So, on occasion, you’ll find some rarer meat selections in your CSA, such as oxtail or tongue. Those might sound intimidating now, but they won’t when you’re learning a new recipe to take advantage of their unique tastes. Need some inspiration? Check out our CSA recipe page. In addition to our beef and pork gourmet meat cuts, we also have options to add chicken to your share and lamb is available by the half upon request, but is not part of our CSA share packages.

From Delmonico and Porterhouse steaks to pork shoulders and Italian sausage, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of gourmet meats through our Meat CSA. We offer several share packages that cater to different tastes. Enjoy beef more than pork? Perhaps our Beefeater share will fit your needs. Enjoy a mixture of pork? Then our Fall Harvest package might call your name. Regardless of your preference, you’ll be satisfied once you have the perfect cut of gourmet meat fired up on the grill.

Don’t be shy!

Ready to sign up? Visit our CSA Sign Up page. Our shares run quarterly and are first come, first served. Get your share while you can!